It is often the case that you will have a similar style within both the fashion and home parts of your life, however with these industries being very different it can be quite difficult to find a style that will either match your taste in fashion or interior design. If you are someone with a very clear cut taste in the designs that you like then why not match them to your fashions, especially if you are lucky enough to be building or redecorating a property, you should try and find a style that you really enjoy and can see yourself living in.

In order to match your home to your fashion aesthetic, you will need to do a variety of things to see which designers are out there and who would be suitable for your own personal needs and requirements. Depending on the scale of your project you may choose to implement your fashion style in a subtle way or go all out with a more dramatic theme for a whole room, it is all down to what you would like to do and you should follow your own preferences as it is you who will have to live in the property and no one else.


Research is crucial within any kind of design project but especially where your property development is concerned, a great way that you can do some quality research would be to look at existing properties and any new trends within the industry. Using existing examples as a starting point gives you a lot of peace of mind as you can be sure that the fundamental concept is something that works well, leaving you to tailor it to your own design aesthetic.

Mood Boards

If you are somebody who struggles with putting your ideas for how a room should look together then it may be a good idea to start creating your own mood boards. A mood board is a very helpful tool where you take pictures of any interior decor that you enjoy and create a scrapbook of them altogether. This can be particularly useful for things like looking at how colors look together and how certain pieces of furniture can have a big effect on a room. This handy research tool will help you to make a strong decision that you will not come to regret a few months down the line.

Sourcing Unique Designers

If your fashion senses are a bit out there then you may need to look at some of the more unique designers who will be able to match your aesthetic. As more and more people enter this line of work it has become more necessary to really take a design idea to the next level in order to stand out. If you are looking for a home interior design style to match your fashion then Ultimo designer furniture would be a perfect choice, they are well known for their detailed and sleek aesthetic that would be a great addition to any property.

Implementing Your Style

As mentioned previously, implementing your fashion style into your home doesn’t have to be a dramatic event, you can create a personal effect simply by using features of your fashion to accent a room. However, if you are wanting something a bit more dramatic then this is also a possibility, using features like your favorite colors or prints to theme a room in a way that matches your style is completely down to your preference and should be taken to whatever level of intensity you desire as it is your safe space to personalize and enjoy.