Let’s be real here ladies, men just don’t have as good a fashion sense than us. Its true that some men do stay on trend, but sometimes the things that are on trend are just very questionable, or don’t suit them all that much. But men are also stubborn creatures, and don’t listen to a word we say, so here’s some ways to convince him to let you pick his clothes.


Celebrities are constantly changing and influencing the fashion world and their fans, and this could be advantageous for you. You could use the fashion style of one of his favourite celebrities to tempt him into letting you help him choose his clothes. Celebs not only stay on trend, but also mix it up with very casual attire too, so there will be a range of styles to choose from. And if your partner is easily influenced by social media trends and influencers, then this is the perfect way to get him to let you style him up. And there are some big names you can use for this as well, including Kanye West, Chris Evans, and so many more. However, if his favourite celebrity has a style you don’t like, or is one his already copying, then maybe try go for someone who’s most popular at the moment or show them criticism of the ones he’s mimicking to try stop him from doing that.

Fashion Magazines

This is a little more old school, but fashion magazines are always a good place to start. You could try getting some men’s only ones and leaving them around the house for him to find, although let may look a little suspicious. You could also get one of your own favourites and leave it open on the men’s section, and mention to him you were flicking through and saw something you thought would suit him. And if that doesn’t work, then you could read them whilst you’re sat with him and show him stuff you like and try to get his opinion on it. However, he may catch on to what you’re doing, so you may want to be careful with doing this, so you don’t risk upsetting or annoying him.

Lay his clothes out for him

If the issue isn’t his wardrobe, but how he pairs his clothing together, then this is a really easy fix for that. Start picking some clothes out for him the night before and leave them lay out nice and neat. And in the morning tell him you wanted to do him a nice favour by getting his clothes ready before you go, so he doesn’t have to worry about it. The cherry on top is if you do this whilst giving him a cup of coffee you’ve made, he’ll be too surprised and happy to question it! Whilst we women have to figure out what a guys small acts, or google a list of emojis that guys will often use when they love you men just assume that all the things you do will have good intentions or be done out of love, so you should be able to get away with this one. But don’t overdo it or he’ll get suspicious.


This one is very easy to do, and works like a charm everytime. When you see him wearing something you like, or think he looks particularly good on him, tell him. Tell him how good and handsome he looks, and slip in a little suggestion for making it even better, like the shift he’s wearing would look really good with a specific pair of pants. Don’t overdo this, or he might think you’re up to something, but compliments go a long way in changing someone’s behaviour and attitude.

Hopefully these suggestions help you to convince him to let you pick his clothes, or at the very least improve his fashion sense. If all else fails, you could just buy him a whole new wardrobe.