The wedding day, for a lot of people it’s the most important day of their lives, all of your family and loved ones together in one place to elaborate the love you have for another, its magical. But it can also be terrifying. The problem with having so many people you care about all in the room at once plus another group of people that you probably haven’t met yet and need to make a good impression of is that all of the eyes in that room are going to be on you. They say they love you, but that wedding day can be nothing but scrutiny from people around you. Here’s a few ways you can make sure to dazzle the crowd as you tie the knot.

Starting off Strong

First things first, you want to get people talking. Before the wedding even starts, before its even planned there is one surefire way to get people ready for what comes next and that is an engagement ring. The engagement ring is often timing the way you let people know that you are engaged. You know how it goes, you show up, say you have something important to tell them and boom whack out the ring. If you really want to make peoples jaws drop, go with a fancy diamond moissanite ring that sparkles in the light. Make sure that people from a mile away will be blinded by the shimmer.

How important is location dressing?

The location of the wedding is just as important to wowing the guests as what you and your significant other are going to be wearing. Weather you go for a traditional church setting or a maybe an exotic location wedding, first impressions are everything. You want people to walk into that space completely awestruck and ready for whatever you have planned. Decorations are important to dress the location just as you are dressing yourself. As much as it might be tempting to find an already extravagant location to start off with, a smaller less complex location with some tailored dressing and decorations can really help to make the place feel very unique and you. It allows you to coordinate easier in advance with what you’re going to wear. Trying to matcha fit to a location is a lot harder than matching a location to a fit,

What should I wear?

There’s a lot to consider when getting dressed for a wedding. It’s unfortunately not as easy as pointing at something you like and saying, that nice ill have it. There’s a lot to consider, location, is it an indoor or outdoor wedding, what are the plans for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, what seasonal colors are in right now, it’s all an intricate back and forth to find the perfect fit for the big day but there are some options for making sure you wow the guests. If you are wearing a suit it can be easy to go for the traditional black tuxedo and bow tie but that’s standard, you’re trying to make heads turn. Try experimenting with different types of materials and colors. Maybe if it’s a summer wedding go for a sort of light blue suit with a colored tie. The light splash of color will liven up the suit for the summery weather.

If you’re looking for something a little more tradition, try a waistcoat under a darker colored suit jacket. It’s different enough to cause a stir but its not too out there. Now you have a couple of ideas for a suit, let’s look at weeding dresses. Now there is often little less flexibility with dress colors but that just means you can really surprise the crown by going for cool light color tones or maybe a bold pattern for your dress. Again, it’s not super traditional but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it will definitely get people looking at the very least. If bold patterns and colors aren’t, your style, there are ways to shock with a traditional white dress. Since there was recently a period of less materials and embroidery professional about to make fancy lace dresses and such meant that lately the trend has moved to a less is more outlook. Big grand dresses based entirely on styling of material can make a massive statement without complicated patters, colors, or tailoring.

And there you have it the main three things that are going to make the biggest difference to wow your guests at your wedding. Make sure to keep these things in mind when planning for the big day and without a doubt the crowd will be tearing up and cheering for you as you tie the knot.