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Clyne Models Lizzie, Rhianon, McKenzie, Erin, Evelina, Tess, Ella Verberne, and Kelvin at the launch of Glassons EDT

After the huge success of the launch of Glassons new boutique sub-brand edt. Glassons are excited to announce the arrival of the second edt. collection!

Journey to a nostalgic time where summer holidays seemed endless and filled with imagination and adventure. Where coloured stickers were valid currency to exchange between pals and secrets were passed through handwritten letters tucked in confetti filled envelopes. Prime real estate was a wooden tree house, dinosaur attacks were a potential danger as were great white shark encounters at the local school swimming pool...

Presenting the anticipated follow-up collection to Glassons' boutique brand edt. edt. #2 aims to bring a sense of lightheartedness, surprise and mischief while keeping premium quality paramount, stock numbers limited and prices competitive.


Lizzie, Rhianon and McKenzie


Ella Verberne

Ella Verberne and Kelvin

Images by Maddy Budd and Katherine Lowe