We’ve always heard the struggles of tall women searching for the right dress- to party, work, or just to slay in casual. Tall women end up buying twice their size only to cover themselves. Well, the fashion industry might be cruel on them, but fear not! 

Here are ten dressing tips for tall girls to style their piece of clothing like a showstopper. Not to mention, these tips will help you stay highly stylish and trendy among your peers and near ones.

Pull those high waist jeans and skirts up

It’s no brainer, normal jeans or skirts tend to fall short on their waist, which might lead to discomfort and a lot of unnecessary skin revealing.  

High waist jeans are a solution for both dropping waist and short at ankles problems. And, it’s great for wearing both crop tops and casual sleeves too, a saviour that won’t hurt your pocket and will make you look amazing. 

Layers to the rescue!

Tall women have a slender waist. Long blazers or cardigans will compliment your body even if you layer it with crop tops or long tees. You can wear multiple layers in ascending order- a crop top, a medium length cardigan and a long blazer or trench- and look effortlessly amazing. 

If you style accordingly, layering can be a fashion statement. If you are wearing it with a long, casual tee, tie a knot or twist to make it look trendy and catchy with the long layer. Slaying can never go wrong when you’ve got good layering. 

Go with the flow

Long dresses with high waistbands and skin fit can suffocate you. Instead, opt for flowy and loose dresses that occasionally hug your body. You can flaunt your figure by styling it with a belt at the waist and wear a gold necklace or choker that goes along with the dress to give a defined look. 

Styling in a loose dress has never been this good yet comfortable. 

Longer is cooler

I know those short skirts are cute, but they’ll just make your beautiful, tall legs look weird. Instead, wear skirts that reach till your knees and calves. It’ll elevate your legs and give them a slender look. 

This rule goes with your jeans too. Regular fit jeans will stick around your ankles which gives a dull and mediocre look. Even if you end up buying jeans that are longer than desired, fold then inwards so that your ankles get a crisp look.  

Wide leg jeans and jumpsuits for every occasion

Have you ever worn those skin-fit jeans or jumpers that stick to your legs nevertheless? Such kind gives your tall figure a lousy impression around, and you end up looking like a long pole. Wide leg jeans, on the other hand, give your legs a better look. With the right waist and ankle-length, wide-leg jeans are the showstopper at any party. 

Jumpsuits are practically made for tall women out there. Nobody can wear rock jumpsuits like women with above-average or tall height. Jumpsuits complement with the height and assure a tender look. There are so many kinds in jumpers, and you know what it means? You can slay in so many ways! 

Mix and match

It shouldn’t always have to be high waist jeans to make your legs look like a holy grail. Wearing only long jeans or skirts will not only bore you but also sound out of fashion. Pick up a casual top, knot it up like a crop top with denim shorts and thigh-high boots. Trust me, experiment with your basic wardrobe to give yourself a whole new makeover. It’s stylish plus you can have it without spending a lot of bucks. 

The colour code

When they say colours help in better styling, they’re not joking. A correct colour choice can make so much difference without any effort. Look out for bright, vibrant or pop colours to dazzle up your outfit. You can also style up your layers with multiple colours that go along with each other to give a unique fashion statement. Wear like you’re going to rock the world. 

Never forget about your footwear

Your choice and selection in the footwear can make styling a whole lot of easy and fun. I know high heels are not for tall women, but there are so many other footwears that can spice up your wardrobe. 

 Ballerinas, loafers or boots, these are must-haves for any tall women’s 101 guide to dressing up. Sass up your day with some cocky pair of shoes, and you’re good to go. 

Accessories to spice up

Who said that V-cuts or off-shoulders are not for tall women? Make some noise with statement earrings or necklaces to define your collar bones. Invest in cute anklets, waist belts and other accessories to turn your basic outfit into one of a kind. 

One of the most useful accessories is a waist belt. Wear a loose t-shirt dress or a long dress and style it with a belt to compliment your figure and give a silhouette look.  

Pay attention to the details

Are those jeans too short? Is that tee too long? Is my footwear making me look taller? Ask yourself these questions and look out for these fine details. A perfect outfit can only exist when you take care of such small details. All it takes is a simple effort for a flawless look. 

Pro tip: Know your proportions. You can try all the information and styling ideas around the internet yet fail if you do not understand your proportions. Flaunt your curves and rise through your imperfections to embrace the best version of you. 

Bottom line

At the end of the day, you’re your fashion inspiration. There is no precise rule to dress up. So, wear your heart on your sleeves, use fashion as therapy and boost up your confidence and self-esteem with your choice of clothing. Even Taylor Swift says that you’ll never go out of style (she definitely means it!)