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Shot and styled by Harriet Were with assistance from Felix Henning-Tappley

Meet Marie, a Kiwi model of German decent. New Zealand photographer Harriet Were shot her in her hometown while we spoke to her about Monty Python, dolphins and the sponge lady off YouTube.

Jerico Mandybur: Where are you from and where are you currently living?
Marie: My dad is from Germany, and my mum is from New Zealand. I've lived on the Coromandel Peninsular, a small part of New Zealand, my whole life.

Earliest childhood memory?
One of my earliest childhood memories is playing in the stream at the bottom of my drive with my brother. We used to hunt for crystals in it. I'll always remember the joy of finding one glittering among the other stones!

Moment that changed your life??
My Nana's illness and passing aren't exactly a single moment, but they have changed my life. I guess the whole thing made me realise that life is finite, and it was my first experience of real grief. It really changed the way I view a lot of things.

Five women you look up to?
My good friend Rachel, Kate Sheppard, Lorde, Yoko Ono, and Cara Delevingne.

Best piece of advice you ever received?
"Everyone is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else."

What does 'beauty' mean to you?
I guess to me, beauty is a natural thing. The most beautiful things, I think, are in nature such as plants, animals, and the universe in general.

What would your last meal be??
My last meal would have to be a large selection of seafood! I love seafood a lot.

What animal do you identify with the most?
Dolphins! I love how they are sort of a symbol of freedom and joy, and yet in reality are a pack animal, reliant on food and company.

What rules would you instil if you were Supreme Leader of Earth for one day?
If I was Supreme Leader I would destroy all guns. I feel like that would help solve a lot of problems, and continue to after I'd stopped reigning supreme. Well, either that or destroy all "Supreme Leaders"...

What song do you really wish you'd written and why?
'The Galaxy Song' by Monty Python! I think it really takes skill to write something funny that sums up such important ideas...

Best Youtube clip you've ever seen?
The rainbow sponge lady, she's pretty cool.