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Day No.1

Kendell Tobin
Age: 17
Auckland City, New Zealand
5'11" | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue | 32/24/34

DNA: Clocking in just under 6 feet, Kendell Tobin's statuesque breezy beauty was scouted at a Chinese Lantern Festival in the land from Down Under. After learning the modeling ropes for four years in New Zealand, Tobin is ready for the big leagues. But don't peg her as just a pretty face, this one has impeccable grammar and has a knack for the business side of fashion, too.

Q&A with Kendell:

What is your defining characteristic?

Does music play a role in your life?
I always listen to music when I’m on the go!

- What influences you?
The people who love and support me

B&W or color?

Your favorite word?

What book would you recommend someone to read?
The Great Gatsby

What was your first experience traveling abroad?
Fiji at age 2

Your defining feature, physical and/or character?

Last fact you thought was amazing to know?
New York has over 2x the amount of people living in it than my whole home country of New Zealand!

What is your favorite water?
The Ocean

Whom do you relate to more, your mom or dad?
My Mom- Love you mum!

What age would you go back to and experience for a day?
Nothing could be better than now! Best time of my life so far!

Any not-so-secret secret you're willing to share?
I’m an open book but if I have a secret no one would know!

Favorite time of the day?

Fashion film or fashion editorial?
Either as long as it’s creative and fun!

Makeup or natural?

3 things you still want to experience in life?
Skydiving, more traveling & New York Fashion Week!

Favorite quote?
Don’t dwell on the past.

What are you having (or had) for dinner tonight?
Egg white omelet with spinach, courgette & feta

Last thing that made u smile?
My own joke!