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First up in our NZFW Autumn/Winter 2014 showcard series: Clyne Model Management.
Most of the Clyne show pack are not new to NZFW, but here are the agency's new Kiwi faces who will be making their debuts this year:
  • McKenzie Fabish, 17, Thames
  • Renee Wilkins-Foster, 16, Auckland
  • Melanie Clarke, 17, Auckland
  • Zara Nagle, 16, Auckland
  • Courtney Patterson, 18, Tauranga
  • Norina Gasteiger, 18, Nelson
  • Chiara Gasteiger, 18, Nelson
Of note: twins Norina and Chiara Gasteiger, who in fact are not the only twins being repped by Clyne Models at this year's event - the agency is also bringing in 18 year-old American twins Baylee and Kelsey Soles, who, likewise, will be making their debuts at the event.
Clyne's other internationals are Gisele Pletzer from Brisbane and Alessandra Ching from Barcelona.
Of the Clyne new faces pack, Zara Nagle (above) caught our eye.
Scouted a year ago by Clyne Model Management managing director Marama Nicholas at a netball match in which a friend's daughter was playing, Nagle was en route to the court to play in the same game. Nicholas approached her coach and gave him a card.
Nagle has been in development for the past year and done nothing beyond a few test shoots.
Let's see how high she can shoot at the Viaduct Events Centre next month.