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Long time Black hair editor Greg Murrell and his talented team at Ryder Salon created a series of looks for BLKONBLK that echoed strong women, a group of tough ladies, that Greg has long admired. Says Greg about the shoot: "This story entitled 'Tougher than the rest' was inspired by interesting women from film and pop culture who had their own distinctive and interesting visual identity that we could re-interpret in a modern hair and fashion context. Many of these looks have become iconic. Patti Smithand Madonna wore long hair with an attitude that belied the femininity of long hair. Katharine Hepburn often wore her hair rolled up in a manner that looked distinctly masculine for the time whereas the afro-centric subtext was clear for all to see in the scalp braids worn by Nina Simone. Short hair was a form of costume for Warhol acolyte Edie Sedgwick and Elastica singer Justine Frischmannwore shorter lengths as a 90's proto-feminist statement. Tougher than the rest." Photography: Charles Howells Styling: Rachael Churchward Hair: Greg Murrell, Nicholas Macaulay, Jannine Jones,Lydia Mahon, Josephine Wallis and Tenisha Teura. Make-up: Carolyn Haslett using M.A.C Cosmetics Models: Kia and Alisa at 62 Models, Ashley Scott at Clyne. Fashion assists: Seb McGirr-Hunt and Dylan James Richards.